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Recalls and safety alerts: An optimization project to better protect Canadians

Photo of job stories being developed.

Of the top 100 tasks on, getting recalls and safety alerts is #8. It gets nearly 7 million annual visits, 71% of which are via mobile. For food-related alerts, that jumps to a whopping 84%. - [2018-10-18]

CRA and TBS collaborate to optimize GST/HST and Payroll webpage content

A before and after screenshot of the GST/HST page showing the differences.

The web, communications, and program teams at the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) have been working closely with the Digital Transformation Office (DTO) from the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS) to make tax information on easier for small business owners to find, understand and use. - [2018-08-16]

Dates matter: Trust and older content on

Screenshot of a page showing the date modified

In a recent usability study, we saw people disregarding search results that seemed too old. Find out how you can validate your content and show that it's still current. - [2018-05-30]

Collaborative work to optimize diseases and immunization content

Some of the Health Canada and Treasury Board Secretariat project team in front of a screen showing graphs

Over the past few months the web team at Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada has been working with the Digital Transformation Office on optimizing top tasks for the diseases and immunization topics of the health theme. - [2018-05-10] Small changes can make a big difference

Photo of the Honourable Scott Brison

Small changes are making a big difference for Canadians on Read what Treasury Board President Scott Brison has to say about the improvement work underway. - [2018-04-27]

Visit Canada: Optimization

This image shows two funnels comparing before and after optimization.

The Digital Transformation Office (DTO) worked with Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to improve people’s experience in figuring out what documents they need when visiting Canada. Here’s how this optimization project turned out. - [2018-03-29]

Old habits die hard (when feelings get in the way)

Photograph of Celeste Côté during the Gerry McGovern master class at Bayview Yards in Ottawa, February 13, 2018

The main challenge of improving the UX of our sites and services isn’t the adoption of a particular technology or tool; it’s the adoption of new values and approaches — culture change. - [2018-03-14]

Improve digital services by measuring outcomes

Gerry McGovern offers his thoughts on his visit to Ottawa last week. - [2018-02-23]

Delivering a great citizen experience

Blog post by the Honourable Scott Brison, President of the Treasury Board. - [2018-02-21]

Helping Canadians start a business

Starting a business is a top task for Canadians and it’s not an easy one. Here’s how this optimization project turned out. - [2018-02-20]

How we're optimizing top tasks

Shows the steps of how we optimize Canadadotca. Discovery. Baseline test. Design/prototyping. Validation test. Success? Launch.

Optimization projects are a way to make meaningful improvements for Canadians without investing a lot of time and money. - [2017-12-12]

How we identify top tasks for

Pie chart of top tasks. 1. Get a local weather forecast 28% 2. Get a visitor visa 9% 3. Apply to immigrate to Canada 7% 4. Get marine conditions 6% 5. Get an eTA 6%. Rest of chart is divided into smaller sections.

There are thousands of Government of Canada (GC) tasks out there, some small, and some complex. So how do we prioritize? - [2017-12-11]


Date modified: May 10, 2018