Privy Council Office Government Priorities Quantitative Survey – Fall 2016 - Executive Summary

Award date: 2016-08-10

Contract # 35035-165068/001/CY

POR 030-16

Privy Council Office Government Priorities Quantitative Survey – Fall 2016 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

March 2017

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Political Neutrality Statement

I hereby certify as Senior Officer of Ipsos that the deliverables fully comply with the Government of Canada political neutrality requirements outlined in the Communications Policy of the Government of Canada and Procedures for Planning and Contracting Public Opinion Research. Specifically, the deliverables do not include information on electoral voting intentions, political party preferences, standings with the electorate or ratings of the performance of a political party or its leaders.

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Ipsos Public Affairs

Executive Summary


The Communications and Consultations Secretariat of the Privy Council Office (PCO) provides advice and support to the Government of Canada, the Clerk of the Privy Council and to departments/agencies on matters relating to communications and consultations, and facilitates the coordination of the Government of Canada’s activities in these areas. One tool used in order to fulfil its mandate is public opinion research.

Under this remint, PCO needed to conduct a survey to assess the concerns and the perceptions of Canadians on government priorities, to be conducted in Fall 2016. As complex issues are often difficult to communicate to the Canadian public, it was necessary to assess their views and concerns so communications strategies can be developed to effectively communicate with the public in a manner that can be easily and clearly understood.

The contract value for the research was $214,669.49, including HST.

Research Objectives

The research objectives included: