Government Priorities Quantitative Survey – Winter 2017 - Executive Summary

PWGSC Contract #: 35035-161432/001/CY

POR Registration #: POR – 081-16

Contract Award Date: 12/12/2016

Government Priorities Quantitative Survey – Winter 2017 - Executive Summary

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Privy Council Office (PCO)

March 29, 2017

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Executive Summary


The Communications and Consultations Secretariat of the Privy Council Office (PCO) provides advice and support to the Government of Canada, the Clerk of the Privy Council and to departments/agencies on matters relating to communications and consultations, and facilitates the coordination of the Government of Canada’s activities in these areas. One tool used in order to fulfil its mandate is public opinion research.

PCO commissioned EKOS Research Associates to conduct a survey to assess the concerns and the perceptions of Canadians on government priorities.

Research Purpose and Objectives

Through the use of this survey, PCO assessed the perceptions of Canadians on government priorities, which may include for example, their opinions on the economy. This input is needed because complex issues are often difficult to communicate to the Canadian public in a manner that is easily and clearly understood. By carrying out this research PCO will be able to ensure a better understanding of the views and concerns of the public, and develop effective communications strategies and products.


The methodology for this study involved a telephone survey with a representative random sample of some 6,000 Canadians. In order to increase the proportion of younger Canadians (i.e. 18-34 years) in the sample, EKOS incorporated roughly 20 per cent cell phone only (CPO) respondents.

The survey was approximately 12 minutes on average and was conducted over a 12-week period, with data collection spread evenly over this field collection window. Thus, each week EKOS completed a random, representative sample of some 500 Canadians of which roughly 400 were landline respondents and 100 were CPO respondents. In total, we collected 6,048 cases: 4,206 landline and 1,842 cell phone (of which 1,219 were cell phone only).

PCO provided an updated questionnaire at different points over the field period (approximately every 2 weeks).


Total expenditure on this project was $199,800.95 (including HST).

I hereby certify as Senior Officer of EKOS Research Associates Inc. that the deliverables fully comply with the Government of Canada political neutrality requirements outlined in the Communications Policy of the Government of Canada and Procedures for Planning and Contracting Public Opinion Research. Specifically, the deliverables do not include information on electoral voting intentions, political party preferences, standings with the electorate or ratings of the performance of a political party or its leaders.

Derek Jansen

Vice President

EKOS Research