Cloud Console Access



Limit access to GC managed devices and authorized users.

Key Considerations

Note: Some service providers may offer configuration options to restrict endpoint device access. Alternatively, organizational policy and procedural instruments can be implemented to restrict access.


Additional Considerations

Applicable Service Models


  1. SPIN 2017-01, subsection 6.2.3
  2. CSE Top 10 #2
  3. Refer to the Recommendations for Two-Factor User Authentication Within the Government of Canada Enterprise Domain
  4. Related security controls: AC‑2, AC‑2(1), AC‑3, AC‑5, AC‑6, AC‑6(5), AC‑6(10), AC‑7, AC‑9, AC‑19, AC‑20(3), IA‑2, IA‑2(1), IA‑2(2), IA‑2(11), IA‑4, IA‑5, IA‑5(1), IA‑5(6), IA‑5(7), IA‑5(13), IA‑6, IA‑8