Enterprise Monitoring Accounts



Create role-based account to enable enterprise monitoring and visibility

Applicable Service Models

IaaS, PaaS, SaaS

Mandatory Requirements

Activity Validation
<ul><li>Create role-based accounts to enable enterprise monitoring and visibility for cloud environments that are procured via the GC Cloud Broker or are included in the scope of centralized guardrails validation.</li></ul> <ul><li>Verify that roles required to enable visibility in the GC have been provisioned or assigned.</li></ul>
<ul><li>Review access privileges periodically and remove access when it is no longer required.</li></ul> <ul><li>CConfirm that alerts to authorized personnel have been implemented to flag misuse, suspicious sign-in attempts, or when changes are made to privileged and non-privileged accounts.</li></ul>

Additional Considerations



AC-3(7), AC-6(5), IA-2(1)

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