Is Agile Right for My Project? (draft)


The goal of this questionnaire is to help determine whether Agile is right for your project. It is not intended to make the decision for you but to instead help inform that decision.

The questions in this questionnaire are inspired by the following ressources:


About the Project

1. Impact

  • Small-scale transformation with minimal change management
  • Large-scale transformation with a lot of change management

2. Requirements

  • Not well-defined from the beginning
  • Well-defined from the beginning

3. Product

  • Software with primarily front-end technology
  • Software which has back-end and front-end technology
  • Hardware and software components (equally important)
  • Not software-based

4. Project Duration

  • Less than a month
  • More than a month and less than a year
  • Greater than a year and funding is certain
  • Greater than a year and funding is uncertain

5. Scope / Schedule

  • Scope and the order of scope is flexible but the schedule is fixed
  • Scope and the order of scope is not flexible but the schedule can be stretched

6. Feature Prioritization

  • Open to prioritization by value to ensure the most valuable features are implemented first
  • Have a "do everything we agreed upon" and "all or nothing" approach

7. Project task characteristics

  • Change day to day at a rapid pace
  • Take weeks and don't change day-by-day

8. Length of development cycles/sprints

  • Less than 6 weeks
  • Greater than 6 weeks


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Detailed results

Detailed results

Criteria Selected answer Agile score Hybrid score Non-agile score
Project Duration
Scope / Schedule
Feature Prioritization
Project task characteristics
Length of development cycles/sprints
Customer Availability
Product Owner
Teamwork and Collaboration
Project Oversight
Required Documentation
Risk and Governance
Track Record of Success
Willingness to Fail and Learn
Summary Not applicable 0 out of 0
0 out of 0
0 out of 0