Est-ce que Agile est juste pour mon projet? (ébauche)


L'objectif de ce questionnaire est d'aider à déterminer si Agile est bon pour votre projet. Il n'est pas destiné à prendre la décision pour vous mais à aider à informer cette décision.

Les questions de ce questionnaire sont inspirées des ressources suivantes :


About the Project

1. Impact

  • Small-scale transformation with minimal change management
  • Large-scale transformation with a lot of change management

2. Requirements

  • Not well-defined from the beginning
  • Well-defined from the beginning

3. Product

  • Software with primarily front-end technology
  • Software which has back-end and front-end technology
  • Hardware and software components (equally important)
  • Not software-based

4. Project Duration

  • Less than a month
  • More than a month and less than a year
  • Greater than a year and funding is certain
  • Greater than a year and funding is uncertain

5. Scope / Schedule

  • Scope and the order of scope is flexible but the schedule is fixed
  • Scope and the order of scope is not flexible but the schedule can be stretched

6. Feature Prioritization

  • Open to prioritization by value to ensure the most valuable features are implemented first
  • Have a "do everything we agreed upon" and "all or nothing" approach

7. Project task characteristics

  • Change day to day at a rapid pace
  • Take weeks and don't change day-by-day

8. Length of development cycles/sprints

  • Less than 6 weeks
  • Greater than 6 weeks


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Résultats détaillés

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Project Duration
Scope / Schedule
Feature Prioritization
Project task characteristics
Length of development cycles/sprints
Customer Availability
Product Owner
Teamwork and Collaboration
Project Oversight
Required Documentation
Risk and Governance
Track Record of Success
Willingness to Fail and Learn
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