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Version 1.1 Consultation Draft for public review is now available

Pan-Canadian Trust Framework

Version 1.1 of the public sector profile of the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework (PCTF) is structured as follows:

The Pan-Canadian Trust Framework will facilitate the transition to a digital ecosystem for citizens and residents of Canada. A Canadian digital ecosystem will increase efficiency and secure interoperability between existing business processes, such as open banking, business licencing, and public sector service delivery.

The PCTF is simple and integrative; technology-agnostic; complementary to existing frameworks; clearly linked to policy, regulation, and legislation; and is designed to apply relevant standards to key processes and capabilities.

The PCTF facilitates a common approach between all levels of government and the private sector thereby serving the needs of the various communities who need to trust digital identities. The PCTF is defined in a way that encourages innovation and the evolution of the digital ecosystem. The PCTF allows for the interoperability of different platforms, services, architectures, and technologies.

The PCTF defines two types of digital representations that are essential for the development of the digital ecosystem:

  1. Digital identities of persons and organizations, and
  2. Digital relationships between persons, between organizations, and between persons and organizations.

The PCTF supports the acceptance of digital identities and digital relationships by defining a set of discrete process patterns, known as atomic processes. These atomic processes can be mapped to existing business processes, independently assessed using conformance criteria, and certified to be trusted and interoperable within the digital ecosystem.